Welcome to Plush Points!  

You'll be rewarded by both shopping & performing actions around the site & community, for example, joining us on social media, or referring a friend to the Comfy Morning website. 

NOTE: Points will be earned on any device, though currently can only be redeemed via desktop. You'll also receive an email each time you earn points.

Let's explore how it works!
Step 1

Click the rewards button in the bottom left of your desktop screen
Step 2
Make an account or login on Comfy Morning, and you'll automatically receive an awards account as well!
Step 3
You can view ways to earn & redeem within the rewards dashboard, as well as below. 
Step 4
When you refer a friend and they make a purchase on the Comfy Morning website, you'll both get a $5 coupon towards any item site wide.
Step 5
You'll always have a history of your points, both earned & spent.