Our Pledge to Animal Sheltering

Only 61% of dogs and 42% of cats that enter shelters are adopted. It costs as little as $3.30 to provide help and rescue for an animal seeking a forever home. We know that's a realistic yet meaningful way for Comfy Morning and you to make a difference.

What donations are Comfy Morning making specifically?

Comfy Morning donates 10% of all sale funds towards sheltering animals.

Example 1: Your order comes to $59.99USD. Comfy Morning will donate $5.99USD.
Example 2: Your order has 3 items and totals $109.99USD. We will donate $10.99USD.

Animals Saved

Below you can see specifically how many animals Comfy Morning have helped. 

We've partnered with Pledge to make this difference.
"The heart of Pledge is all about impact. Our purpose is to empower impact by connecting brands and consumers to their favourite causes around the world."
Here are some of the impacts Pledge has made thanks to partners like us, through generosity of people like yourself.
  • 377,732 rescue animals provided with a night of shelter
  • 22,892,121 meals provided to families in need
  • 5,595 safe spaces for Syrian refugee women to access support services
  • 7,726 people provided with bed nets to prevent Malaria
  • 4,767 families provided with a flock of chicks for income activities
  • 284,483 children around the world provided with essential school supplies
  • 831,638 pounds of trash removed from the beaches
  • 220 survivors of domestic abuse provided with housing and meals for a day
  • 16,658 low-income mothers provided with diapers for their babies
  • 1,064,572 people provided with clean drinking water for one year

Thank you for making a difference with us!