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Comfy Morning

Comfy Cloak - Oversized Hooded Blanket

Comfy Cloak - Oversized Hooded Blanket

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Why don't our hooded blankets ever get invited to summer parties? Because they always bring too much chill!

 Snuggle with bliss! Our hoodie blankets are as soft and cozy as a kitten's hug
 Your personal snack-n-cuddle pocket! It's a wonderland of warmth and treats
 Stay toasty even on windy days with our unique 'Breezy-Be-Gone' cuff design
 Flaunt your cute quotient! Pick from an array of designs to express your personality
 Comfort for all! Find your perfect fit with our variety of sizes
      and best of all...
 Experience cloud-like COMFINESS! Say hello to endless warmth and cheer with Comfy Cloak - our oversized hooded blankets

Product Details:

  • Size (1 inch = 2.54cm / 1cm = 0.39 inch):
    Length: 60cm
    Sleeve: 40cm
    Suitable for babies 80 - 110cm tall
    Baby model height: 95cm

    Length: 75cm
    Sleeve: 47cm
    Suitable for kids 120cm - 160cm tall
    Kids model height: 135cm

    Adult (Standard Length)
    Length: 90cm
    Sleeve: 54cm
    Suitable for adults 160cm - 180cm
    Adult model height: 170cm 

    Adult (Long Length) 
    Length: 140cm 
    Sleeve: 64cm
    Suitable for adults 160cm - 200cm
    Adult model height: 170cm 
  • Material: Crafted from the softest polyester fairytales are made of, our hooded blankets serve up the warm, cuddly comfort you've only dreamed of
  • Care Instructions: Our hooded blankets love a good spa day! Pop them into the machine for a wash, and they'll come out fresher and cozier than ever. 


The materials we select to make our products are selected for reasons such as:

- weight
- durability
- water resistance
- ease of cleaning
- colour & shape retention
- most importantly... comfiness

For specifics on this product, please read the product description above.

You can read about our materials here.

Care Instructions

We make our items with care, and we know that care will continue once you receive your order.

Here are some tips to help:

1) Keep the room clean & dust free
2) Clean the surface below the product with clean, dry & soft tools
3) Avoid long term sun exposure
4) Keep the inside/outside dry

There may be specific care instructions for each product, which will be found in the product description above.

As always, please reach out via with any queries.

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